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No Credit Check Payment Plan

  • How does this work?
    If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be approved to make your surgery payments after your surgery. You must be able to demonstrate that you have steady employment and a dependable checking account. The maximum allowable amount to be set up for monthly payments is $5,500 which works out to about $250-300 per month (depending on approval). Surgery booking requires a minimum of $1,500 down plus the finance fee (varies). All of the payments that draft before surgery (at least two, but average is four) must clear with no problems. The rest of the payments will continue to draft monthly after surgery.
  • Why do you need my checking account number?
    The No Credit Check Payment Plan determines eligibility based on your checking account. The account number is checked to see if it is one of 225 million bank accounts listed in the nation's largest online active account database (about 80% of all U.S. consumer accounts).If the account is in that database, the system determines if the account currently has available funds and if the balance has remained positive. Your account can then be further verified against the nation's largest database of accounts with negative information (compiled from over 120,000 participating merchants). This database contains information on over 22 million accounts with returned checks.
  • Can my spouse apply for me?
    Yes, your spouse may complete the application. Before surgery, your spouse must appear in person (with ID) and physically sign the payment authorization forms. You may not complete the application with your spouse's information. Any attempts will be voided.
  • What documents do I need to be approved?
    To be eligible, applicants must have or present: - Valid, non-expired TEXAS Driver's license or TEXAS ID (temporary cards not accepted) - Social Security card - Current paycheck stub - Established checking or savings account in good standing that reflects active direct deposit
  • My agreement say $5,500 by my approval was for $7,000, why?"
    Please read the language carefully. The payment plan is not a line of credit and should not be interpreted the same way. The payment plan can be used for one procedure priced at up to $7,000 (with approval). From the $7,000, it is broken into a down payment and monthly payments: - ​$1,500 down to schedule - Make monthly payments toward your $5,500 balance​ after surgery, up to 24 months (A minimum of the first two monthly payments must draft and clear before surgery)
  • Can I finance two procedures?
    If you are wanting to finance two procedures, you may have the payment plan for one and another finance plan for the other (careCredit, Alphaeon, United Medical). Only one procedure per patient is accepted in the payment plan. That means: - You cannot have two payment plans - You cannot start a new payment plan while you have one already - You cannot have your spouse finance one procedure for you while you finance another
  • Can I change my billing date just this month?
    The payment agreement is a binding contract and the terms cannot be changed after execution.
  • How can I permanently change my billing date?
    Yes, but the monthly payment cannot lapse 30 days therefore you'll end up making an early payment. For example, If your billing date is the 10th of each month and you want to change it to the 25th, you will: 1. Let us know with at least 7 days notice so that we can update the contract 2. Make the payment on the 10th as scheduled 3. Make the payment on the 25th of the same month 4. The next billing date will be the 25th of the following month
  • One of my payments before surgery didn't go through. What happens?
    If any one of your payments before surgery did not clear for any reason (even if you are not at fault) we require a minimum of six consecutive monthly payments to draft before surgery. They cannot be paid up front or on an accelerated schedule. This will move your surgery date out six months. To keep your original surgery date, you will have the option of paying the balance in full or using another financing program to pay the balance in full before surgery. The payment plan cannot be cancelled once executed but you will have the option of paying it off sooner to keep your date.
  • I want to cancel/refund my payment plan.
    All refunds are processed per the Surgery Cancellation and Refund Policy which you have signed and agreed that once booked the $1,500 is non-refundable. Payments that you have made in excess of the down payment may be refundable depending on the notice guidelines in the Cancellation Policy.
  • What happens if I default on my payment plan?
    We utilize all available means for collection on unpaid accounts. The account first goes to collections and then is filed in either Galveston County or Brazoria County small claims court. Once the judgement is granted, your credit is updated with a judgement. The court allows an interest rate to be applied to the balance and a lien can be applied to your personal property. Once your account is filed in court, we will not allow any payment plan offer. You will need to request a payment plan from the judge.
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